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First step is to send me some photos of your beloved pet.

When taking photos of your pets (which I know can be an extremely difficult task!), it is best for me to get a close up of the face, so I can see more detail of the character, especially in the eyes. The more detail for me the better! Sending a few photos really helps me get a feel for your pet if I can't meet them in person.

I would then ask for a deposit of £20 to be paid, and the rest of the payment isn't needed until I have finished your portrait, prior to delivery.



Whilst sending me a photo you also need to decide what medium and size you would like your portrait to be. If you are stuck, I can offer my opinion as some animals suit some mediums more than others, as different mediums give off a different texture which can match different furs. Choose between charcoal, pencil, pastel and pencil crayon. 


Once we have decided what will be best for your portrait, I can start! Please be aware that your portrait can take a few weeks to do, and even longer depending on if it is a busy time in the year for me. I always keep in touch during the process, and I will send photos showing my progress, as your portrait comes to life! I like to discuss with you whether you would like changes or alterations to the way the portrait is turning out. This is so I get the portrait just right for you!



I will send the portrait to you mounted so that it is protected and ready to frame. However the way I mount the portrait is so it can be reversed, so when you come to frame your portrait, you can adapt the mount and swap it with another if necessary. I use Royal Mail when delivering portraits, and I like to reuse boxes so don't be surprised if your portrait comes in a different box to what you were expecting!
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